Our Core Values

At Clean Restroom Rentals, we are committed to upholding these values in every aspect of our operations.

The "Clean" Identity

Our name embodies our commitment. It’s a symbol of our mission and dedication. We pledge to provide impeccably clean restrooms, ensuring thorough cleanliness during service intervals. Additionally, we strive to contribute to safe, hygienic workplaces and recreational spaces for our customers, and we’re devoted to fostering a cleaner environment for our planet.

Competitive Quality Customer Service

It’s not just a principle; it’s the bedrock of our values. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We recognize their choice and consider it a privilege to serve their portable restroom needs. At Clean, our customers are the company.

Respect for Employees

We value our employees who diligently serve Clean’s customers. Through fair wages, comprehensive safety training, and state-of-the-art technology, we ensure they are treated with dignity and respect.

Investing in Legacy and Growth

Acquiring portable restroom entities isn’t just a transaction; it’s about honoring their legacy. We commit to paying an equitable price, recognizing the immense dedication sellers have invested in building their companies. Furthermore, we reinvest in upgrading assets to enhance the customer experience. This includes replacing older units with new, improved portable restrooms, updating trucks, employing cutting-edge technology for routing and onboard cameras, and prioritizing safety measures.

Embracing Technology

Clean Restroom Rentals prioritizes investing in the latest technology. This isn’t merely about competitiveness; it’s about improving customer service, ensuring the safety of both customers and employees, and minimizing environmental impact. Our optimized routing software and GPS systems enhance productivity, customer service, and eco-friendly operations, while onboard cameras are integral for safety measures.

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